Iridology is a sistem of analysis of the iris and sclera in the eye, and it is a technique that officially was born in Hungary in the late 1800s, but some evidence found, tell us that it was already known at the time of Egyptians, who used the control of the eye, to check the health or disease state, of the examined person. There are differents schools of iridology, that during the years, are developed in Europe and in other parts of the world, as for example in the USA, schools, that always keeping the same basis, show some slight differences on some interpretations of the iris signs. Iridology studies the biological characteristics of the person, it allows, on the basis of genetic predispositions, of the actual constitution and specific signs in the iris, to know the current health status and possible future developments.

This technique, practiced by many doctors worldwide, but little know in Italy, allows you to set for the person, an adeguate prevention plan, to avoid or delay the most possible, the appearence of diseases, caused by genetic predisposition or bad lifestyles. In fact, iris analysis, done by an expert iridologist, lets see, through specific signs present in the iris, the status of the various organs of the body, the spine, the psyche, the skin, the immune system and to access the possible future disease also in the absence of symptomatology. This should serve to offer to the customer, in collaboration with his physician, a prevention plan for his future health, for a longer life and better. It is evident that this analys is of extreme importance, to safeguard the people health and to make the prevention of possible pathological developments, and it is an analysis very important especially for children, to give them, a better future. The iris and the sclera analysis, is made with a different techniques, iridoscopio, camera with special lenses, magnifying glass, and it is a simple technique which does not give any discomfort to the person. In my opinion, iridology examination, should be done by all people from 8 years onwards, as simple, fast and non­invasive way, to safeguard the health status, present and future. The examination is particularly important for children and boys, that just because young people, can be followed by the parents to practice a better lifestyle. Unfortunately, iridology is not well known in Italy as in other parts of the world, where pathologists clinical practice it regularly with excellent results, but our hope is to be able to contribute to its popular dissemination.

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