erbe Officinali

To understand the action of the Bach flowers, is important to know the concept of energetic equilibrium, associated with body and mind, in the holistic view of the person. Energy is also important in other cultures, as in the Traditional Chinese Medicine with the meridians, from which is originated the acupunture, that is praticed all the world. Such as medicine herbes also flowers have an active part in the plant kingdom and they support, as the medicine herbes, an active part in the human wellness. Around 1930 a very famous english doctor, named Edward Bach, had a brilliant idea that to cure all the person (current holistic concept), instead of the single disorder, was more effective, because he realized that, several patients with the same disease, reacted differently to the same drug taken.

So he began the reaserch of the flowers that cured the variation of the energetic equilibrium of the person, because he had understood that was the individual energetic variation to generate the dysfunction. Bach flowers are commercially available in the solution form and they work to vibrational level, in fact they are absorbed in the sublingual level and they have the function to bring, to right level, energy of the person, altered by disorder, so when energy come bach at right level, disorder disappears. The progress of science in the medical field, use always more the Bache flowers, and new experiments are often exposed during the medical conferences. Bach flowers are useful to all people, but they are particularly suitable for children, for the treatment of restlessness, of inappetence, where the lack of collateral effects, make them suitable for long­term treatment. It is really important the right choice of flowers to use, is therefore important to understand the symptoms, the possible origins, and the psyche of the person, through an accurate medical history and through observation of the behavior. Another application that finds more and more followers, is in the veterinary field, where the care of the animals is giving excellent results, restoring equilibrium and functionality in the treated animals.

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