erbe Officinali

The origins of the use of medicinal plants to treat various kinds of disorders, are not known, but is possible that it was born togheter to the man. All the most ancient writings on human health, discovered by man, talk about the use of leave, flowers, seeds and fruits of the medicinal plants. To talk of medicinal herbs or medicinal plants is how to talk about a natural world unkwown to most people. It is true that all people have consumed, in their life, tea, coffee, chamomile, mint, licorice, fennel, for their effects stimulants, sedatives, slimming, diuretic, but to known well the pharmacological effects of the active molecules present wthin the plants, is another thing.

Also if today, more and more people use medicinal plants to alleviate their disorders, (25% of the drugs in the U.S. is of plants origin and the Pharmacopoeia contains approximately 7000 medicines derived from plants), is still good practice to contact a specialist for the proper use of medicinal herbs, because that most people do not know, is that many herbs can have interactions with traditional drugs, so it should be used with caution, also inform your doctor, as in a team work. Normally, the medicinal herbs are excellent remedies to treat chronic disorders for their action slow but deep, while are less used to treat acute states, where is often necessary a fast action, that only a conventional drug can give. Their major field of application is in the prevention of clinical disease, where they play a role often decisive for the wellness of the people. Another important characteristic that makes prefer the use of medicinal herbs compared to synthetic drugs, when possible, is the total absence of secondary effects, that usually are made from synthetic drugs, because the synthetic molecules are unknown to the human biological processes. The nature provides us with a world to discover, to our health, and that of our families, grass after grass, flower after flower, seed after seed, through their phytocomplexes specific, to our needs. The alliance with nature is a winning move always to do, for our health every day and for that our family !!

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