To understand the action of the Bach flowers, is important to know the concept of energetic equilibrium, associated with body and mind, in the holistic view of the person. Energy is also important in other cultures, as in the Traditional Chinese Medicine with the meridians, from which is originated the acupunture, that is praticed all the world. Such as medicine herbes also flowers have an active part in the plant kingdom and they support, as the medicine herbes, an active part in the human wellness. Around 1930 a very famous english doctor, named Edward Bach, had a brilliant idea that to cure all the person (current holistic concept), instead of the single disorder, was more effective, because he realized that, several patients with the same disease, reacted differently to the same drug taken.

The origins of the use of medicinal plants to treat various kinds of disorders, are not known, but is possible that it was born togheter to the man. All the most ancient writings on human health, discovered by man, talk about the use of leave, flowers, seeds and fruits of the medicinal plants. To talk of medicinal herbs or medicinal plants is how to talk about a natural world unkwown to most people. It is true that all people have consumed, in their life, tea, coffee, chamomile, mint, licorice, fennel, for their effects stimulants, sedatives, slimming, diuretic, but to known well the pharmacological effects of the active molecules present wthin the plants, is another thing.

Psyche, body and energy are in equilibrium with each other and the result in enclosed in a simple word : WELLNESS ! How important is the quality, quantity and variety of foods that we ingest into our body every day to feed, it is now universally known. Nutrition is different from eating, because the first provide over to give to the body needed energy for survival and for daily activities, it also provides the right amount of nutrients needed for complex biological needs of the human body. In fact, a person who eats food, ingested at random, it can have the necessary energy to the body, but can be malnourished due to the lack of macro and micronutrients that can cause disorders of various kinds. This often happens to people who eat almost the same things, especially for long periods.

Naturopathy is the natural way to follow to treat and especially to prevent, organic and psychological disorders in the people. This holistic discipline, treat essentially all bioenergetic aspect of the person, not stopping to disorders found in a given area, but also treating the emotional and energy aspects that always coexist in the person. Naturopaty, as you can understand from the word itself, uses natural techniques and natural products, to recover the right mental and physical equilibrium in the person, without no collateral effects, unlike what happens with the synthesis drugs. In Europe and especially in Germany, the Naturopaths are important professional figures in the National Health System, for the important work they do in the care, but especially in the disease prevention, through education to better lifestyles, fight to the cigarettes, alchol and sponsoring of the right diet, this allows to obtain and maintain an adeguate psychoenergetic equilibrium, preventing diseases formation.

The aromatherapy is an application of the herbal medicine therapy, because it uses essential oils extracted from plants. The organs of the plants from which we can obtain essential oils are : leaves, flowers, petals, bark, wood, seeds, pericarps and roots. Usually the oils are extracted through the steam flow distillation and in some cases, such as the epicarp of Citrus geneus, is used the cold squeezing. The essential oils obtained by dissolving resins and oleoresins with alcohols, are called resinoids, while the aromatic substances extracted with organic solvents or supercritical fluids, are not considered essential oils. In all cultures, the aromatic plants were important for their organoleptic characteristics, which initially favoured the recognition and subsequently the characterization.

Iridology is a sistem of analysis of the iris and sclera in the eye, and it is a technique that officially was born in Hungary in the late 1800s, but some evidence found, tell us that it was already known at the time of Egyptians, who used the control of the eye, to check the health or disease state, of the examined person. There are differents schools of iridology, that during the years, are developed in Europe and in other parts of the world, as for example in the USA, schools, that always keeping the same basis, show some slight differences on some interpretations of the iris signs. Iridology studies the biological characteristics of the person, it allows, on the basis of genetic predispositions, of the actual constitution and specific signs in the iris, to know the current health status and possible future developments.

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