Naturopathy is the natural way to follow to treat and especially to prevent, organic and psychological disorders in the people. This holistic discipline, treat essentially all bioenergetic aspect of the person, not stopping to disorders found in a given area, but also treating the emotional and energy aspects that always coexist in the person. Naturopaty, as you can understand from the word itself, uses natural techniques and natural products, to recover the right mental and physical equilibrium in the person, without no collateral effects, unlike what happens with the synthesis drugs. In Europe and especially in Germany, the Naturopaths are important professional figures in the National Health System, for the important work they do in the care, but especially in the disease prevention, through education to better lifestyles, fight to the cigarettes, alchol and sponsoring of the right diet, this allows to obtain and maintain an adeguate psychoenergetic equilibrium, preventing diseases formation.

In Italy, the Naturopath figure, is young, and is not yet completely defined. The natural techniques used by Naturopaths are many : from the use of specific massage as reflexology or shiatsu, to the kinesiology, from the use of medicinal herbs, to the use of aromatherapy with essential oils, to treat diseases, passing through the natural food for the treatment of various disorders; also the flowers use, togheter relaxation techniques, are effective tools in the Naturopath hands, for the resolution of psychosomatic problem. Obviously, nutrition with adeguate food recommended, depending from the health situation of the client, but this always plays a decisive role in the success of natural therapy, both when it is given for the prevention and when it is given to care. In conclusion, is appropiate to say that, naturopaty is the way to follow, to live well in healthy, and the sooner we start, and the sooner it is best, for our lives and that of our families. This message is primarily addressed to parents for the food that they do eat daily to their children, because is precisely from the nutrition of children in the first years of life, that are created the foundations for the future health.

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