Psyche, body and energy are in equilibrium with each other and the result in enclosed in a simple word : WELLNESS ! How important is the quality, quantity and variety of foods that we ingest into our body every day to feed, it is now universally known. Nutrition is different from eating, because the first provide over to give to the body needed energy for survival and for daily activities, it also provides the right amount of nutrients needed for complex biological needs of the human body. In fact, a person who eats food, ingested at random, it can have the necessary energy to the body, but can be malnourished due to the lack of macro and micronutrients that can cause disorders of various kinds. This often happens to people who eat almost the same things, especially for long periods.

The concept of achieve and maintain a healthy weight for the personal wellness, is known to most people. But what foods we should prefer for our wellness is known only to a few people. The food that we have to choose for our nutrition, must be as varied as possible, we must prefer the raw food than cooked, because the first are much more rich in nutrients, that are lost after cooking. Of course, this seems like a trivial thing and known by all people, but is not so trivial when the person who asks a nutrition consueling, has some clinical conditions, or practice a competitive sport, or is a child in a growth phase, or is a elderly person. Many adults and recently many children suffer of overweight and obesity, a social problem that continues to increase, also emphasized by the increased rhythm of everyday life, stressful job, and economic needs, that could be solved by changing the daily actions, eating the right foods, avoid contracting disease, that can make a difficult future life.

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